Wrong Way Driving Not Always So Wrong, Self-Driving Cars Need To Deal With It

Lance Eliot
13 min readJun 11, 2019

Dr. Lance Eliot, AI Insider

I sheepishly admit that I have been a wrong way driver.

There have been occasions whereby I drove the wrong way, doing so luckily without leading to any undesirable outcome, and for which I certainly regret having mistakenly gone astray. It has happened on several instances inside parking garages or parking lots.

When you suddenly realize that you are heading in the wrong direction, it can be relatively disorienting.

Should you continue forward, even though there is now a chance that you’ll come head-to-head with a car that is going in the correct direction? Or, should you back-up, which at least then has your then car going in the proper direction, but a lengthy effort of backing up can have its own dangers.

For most people, I’d bet that they usually are quick to consider turning around. In essence, as soon as practical, try to get your car turned around and headed toward the proper direction.

Deadly Serious Cases Of Wrong Way Driving

Wrong way driving can produce untoward and horrific results.

Just about month or so ago, a wrong way driver at 2:00 a.m. got onto two of the major freeways here in Southern…



Lance Eliot

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