Using Virtual Spike Strips To Stop Errant AI Autonomous Cars

Lance Eliot
14 min readJul 3, 2019

Dr. Lance Eliot, AI Insider

In many parking lots where you need to pay to get into the parking area, the exits often have a series of metal spikes that are pointed toward any cars that might be tempted to sneak into the lot. That small strip of spikes is enough to likely puncture the tires of any trespassing car that has a driver intent on avoiding paying any fees to use the parking lot. Cars that are properly exiting the parking lot are able to readily rollover the spikes since the spikes are angled away from that direction and usually on a spring action, so they suppress under the pressure of the car tires and the weight of the car.

There’s another use for these metal teeth.

Here in Southern California, we are somewhat known as the capital of car chases for the United States.

The police usually catch the driver of the car that’s leading the chase, but this fact doesn’t seem to overly discourage people from launching into a car chase. .

You might be aware that there is controversy about whether or not the police should even undertake such chases. A wild car chase through populated areas can be highly dangerous for everyone involved. The person that’s being sought is often a desperate driver, willing to ram other cars, hit pedestrians, drive on sidewalks, drive the wrong way on the roads, and otherwise do anything to get away.

In some jurisdictions, the police will at times stay back from the frantic driver and try not to seemingly pressure the driver into doing the especially dangerous maneuvers.

Some might wonder why the police need to undertake a car chase when presumably they can simply try to disable the car involved.

Indeed, you’ve probably seen that the police often will try to lay down a strip of metal spikes in the hopes that the wayward driver will drive over the spikes. These traffic spikes are also sometimes called tire shredders. Other names for the spikes include being referred to as stop sticks, jack rocks, and stingers.

These strips function in the same way that the parking lot strips do. The notion is that a car will try to rollover the spikes, the spikes will puncture the tires, and the tires will…



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