Stanford FutureLaw 2022 Conference Showcases Latest LegalTech Trends

Lance Eliot
4 min readApr 28, 2022
Stanford Law School had its 10th annual FutureLaw Conference in April 2022

by Dr. Lance B. Eliot

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Key briefing points about this article:

  • Stanford hosted its tenth annual FutureLaw Conference via the CodeX Center for Legal Informatics
  • This is a globally premiant event that showcases the latest in LegalTech trends
  • Numerous luminaries in the field of the law and tech provided insightful presentations
  • Attendance was both online and occurred on-campus
  • Provided herein is a brief recap of key highlights of FutureLaw 2022

Section 1: Introduction

The Stanford Law School hosted its tenth annual FutureLaw Conference on April 7, 2022, which drew a worldwide audience via a hybrid format of being broadcast live-stream and taking place in person at the Stanford University campus in California. Globally rated as a premiant event showcasing the latest trends amidst the mash-up of state-of-the-art technology and the legal profession, the meeting engaged numerous renowned luminaries to provocatively shine a light on where legal-tech has been and where it is headed.

Undertaken by the Stanford Law School’s CodeX Center for Legal Informatics, the FutureLaw event is a vital opportunity for lawyers, lawmakers, entrepreneurs, investors, and academics to come together in hopes of shaping legal technology toward attaining better legal systems and providing expanded empowerment for all parties in the legal realm. Lively discussions and at times strident debates took place covering a myriad of demonstrative topics such as the rising interest in the metaverse and legal ramifications thereof, blockchain legal issues including the latest in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), impacts of legal-tech on training and legal education approaches, emerging tech standards for the courts, the elasticity of contractual language, the advent of legal operations known as legal-ops, and several thought-provoking sessions on the use of…

Lance Eliot

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