Sports Cars As Self-Driving Cars

Lance Eliot
10 min readSep 13, 2019

Dr. Lance Eliot, AI Insider

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Aha, the joys of driving a high-performance sports car!

You feel the sports car hugging the road and the nimble handling allows you to sweetly make those tight turns.

Some people get a sports car because they like the speed, handling, and the other features that allow for a special driving experience.

Some get a sports car because they love the image of a sports car, and a sports car driver, often seen as someone that relishes the open road, a maverick, and that craves the looks of other people as they turn their heads to see what that sports car is (and who’s in it).

When someone drives a sports car, they can do so on our public roadways or drive it on private so-called closed tracks.

Driving Top-End Sports Cars On Public Roadways

In theory, when you drive a sports car on a public roadway, you are supposed to abide by the driving laws.

It doesn’t really matter that you happen to have a sports car. The speed limit is the same for a junkie jalopy as it is for the souped-up sports car.

By-and-large, sports car drivers seem to end-up in one of three camps for portions of their driving time:

  • Legal
  • Quasi-legal
  • Illegal

The legal driving is usually when they sense that there’s a cop nearby, or when they are jammed-up in bumper to bumper traffic, or otherwise not in a viable situation to do anything other than pure legal driving.

The quasi-legal camp will push every law to the limit, whenever possible.

The illegal camp goes beyond the limits of the law.

They are hopeful they won’t get caught.

For those that want to push their sports car to the limits, there are places they can do so without putting the rest of the public in jeopardy.

Here in Southern California, we had a Porsche Experience Center open up. It…



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