Edge Computing Is Big Booster For Autonomous Self-Driving Cars

Lance Eliot
11 min readJun 9, 2019

Dr. Lance Eliot, AI Insider

Edge computing is an emerging hot area of technology, involving placing computing closer to the point at which computational resources might be most needed.

In a sense, it is decentralizing some of the computing efforts that have more recently swung toward a centralized approach due to the advent of cloud computing.

This remains me of a relevant historical example about the value of a centralized versus decentralized model to getting things done.

Centralized Control Versus Decentralized Control

During the Cold War era, the Soviet military doctrine was one of strict control by the central Soviet command.

All decisions about the use of military force had to be first approved by Soviet commanders at the highest levels of the hierarchy, and there was little if any latitude afforded to local commanders. With a massive military force consisting of over 53,000 tanks, 4,900 aircraft, and some 360 submarines, the Soviet top authorities wanted to make any and all decisions regarding military actions. You might think that this seems like a very prudent policy, since it would presumably prevent local commanders from taking rogue actions.

The counter-argument to this approach was that it meant that the Soviet ability to act quickly was substantively degraded.

Local commanders that might be aware of a local situation brewing were obligated to report up the chain to the top command, and then had to wait to take any action until specifically authorized to do so. In contrast, the American military allowed for some autonomy by its local commanders, meaning that the USA forces could potentially be nimbler and quickly act or react to an emerging situation.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Crimson Tide,” you might recall that a crucial scene in the movie (spoiler alert!) involves the USS Alabama nuclear submarine and the dynamic tension between the Captain and the XO of the ship.

A message had come via radio from the Naval command that the sub should go ahead and arm its nuclear missiles and fire them within a set time frame. But, a second message then comes to the sub, and the message…

Lance Eliot

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