AI & Law: Legal Knowledge Graphs And AI Amplification

Lance Eliot
6 min readJul 1, 2022
Use of knowledge legal graphs boosts applications of AI in the law

by Dr. Lance B. Eliot

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Key briefing points about this article:

  • When you examine a legal case, you likely ferret out the key elements
  • That raw data can be made into a legal knowledge graph
  • This consists of a set of nodes that are linked and have expressive labels
  • Legal knowledge graphs can be handy for attorneys
  • AI can be used to build such graphs and can be devised to leverage such graphs


I think that you might know something that you at first won’t know that you know.

Does that sound puzzling?

Possibly intriguing?

The thing that I venture that you know but don’t immediately recognize is something known as a legal knowledge graph.

The reason you probably are unfamiliar with legal knowledge graphs is that the lofty-sounding techno-jargon is not likely to ring any bells. Sure, you might guess that it has something to do with knowledge, and presumably involves graphs of one kind or another. Other than this rather obvious presumption, the overall notion might currently escape you.

Let’s right that wrong and bring you into the fold about the nature and use of legal knowledge graphs.

This journey will take you from looking at seemingly random and not especially useful pieces of raw data and then turning that unprocessed stuff into something intelligibly informational. You can do this kind of transformation by hand, or better yet use a computer to do so. Furthermore, you can utilize a souped-up computer that is using an AI-based legal reasoning capability and take the transformation into greater and increasingly substantive legal domain purposes.

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Lance Eliot

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