AI & Law: Five Sensible Ways To Use Generative AI For Legal Work

Lance Eliot
10 min readJul 27, 2023
Here are five sensible ways to use generative AI such as ChatGPT for legal work

by Dr. Lance B. Eliot

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Abstract: Generative AI has become widely used across a myriad of professional domains. This includes expanding usage by lawyers for doing legal work. Legal professionals need to be mindful of how to best use generative AI, plus how to best avoid the pitfalls associated with using generative AI. Five sensible ways to make use of generative AI for legal work are discussed in this article. Furthermore, essential caveats and potentially endangering legal downsides are also identified to ensure that savvy lawyers do not get themselves mired in untoward legal territory.

Key briefing points about this article:

  • Generative AI such as ChatGPT (OpenAI), GPT-4 (OpenAI), Bard (Google), etc. is widely being used
  • The field of law and the practice of law is increasingly making use of generative AI too
  • Lawyers avidly interested in using generative AI need to be mindful of how they proceed
  • Five sensible ways to make use of…



Lance Eliot

Dr. Lance B. Eliot is a renowned global expert on AI, successful startup founder, global CIO/CTO, , was a top exec at a major Venture Capital (VC) firm.